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Historical Fiction Blog Tour & Giveaway: Claimed by the Enemy by Shauna Roberts

Virtual Book Tour Dates: 12/1/14 – 12/29/14
Genres: Historical Fiction, Romance

Crown Princess Nindalla knows the terrifying power of Sargon of Akkad’s army: Ten years ago, it destroyed her home city and killed her parents. Now the nightmare is happening again. The Akkadians conquer her new home, Susa; make her a widow; and strip her of her rank. Nindalla vows to protect her children from her enemies by any means necessary, including marrying whoever can shield them best. With plots swirling around her, can she trust her instincts to tell friends from foes?
Farm boy Ur-sag-enki was forced to become a soldier in the Akkadian army ten years ago after it destroyed his home and left him with nothing. When the Akkadians conquer Susa, he is awarded its governorship. He looks forward to settling down to the normal family life he craves. First, though, he must keep control of Susa despite enemies who exploit his inexperience, and he must gain legitimacy by persuading beautiful former princess Nindalla to marry him. But can he win her heart when it was his hand that struck down her husband?
Ur-sag-enki forced his thoughts to cold, heartless strategy. General Qisim had sent him to find Crown Princess Nindalla for a reason. To hold the city, he would her child alive and healthy and in his possession. The boy was the last of the royal line of Susa. Marrying Nindalla would legitimize Ur-sag-enki’s governorship.
His liver twinged, rebelling at the governor’s orders. Demons could take the man and his cold plotting! Ur-sag-enki would marry Nindalla because she was his destiny. The gods had decreed it at his birth. The shiny black hair he yearned to touch, the beautiful eyes he longed to look into, the rare smile he wanted to coax out—he had known they would be his since the day of the New Year’s Festival. He had never loved another woman, never expected to.
He had been waiting for her.
His skin tingled from his feet to his scalp. He had looked for her in every conquered city, his heart pounding each time he caught a glance of long, heavy hair or a certain arrogant tilt of the head. He had been disappointed too many times to count.
Now his restless body long to jump around or dance. He grinned widely. I must look like a fool. But he didn’t care. At last the gods had brought him to her! I will protect her and keep her safe always. I will let no one, not General Qisim, not even King Sargon himself, harm her or her baby.
He untied the amulet from his neck. It was a baked-clay figurine of a goat, an animal sacred to the god Enki. He wound the leather thong around it and tucked it inside the baby’s bindings.
Nindalla looked up and smiled. “You have done well, soldier. Find Prince Humba. Learn what name I should give his son and successor. Then bring my daughters here.”
He squeezed his eyelids shut as his body suffered the pain hers know to feel. The woman had daughters in the palace, a palace overrun by soldiers drunk on blood and beer and victory.
“My lady—” He stopped. He couldn’t tell her, not yet. She deserved a time of happiness with her baby first.
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About the Author:
Shauna Roberts writes fantasy, science fiction, historical fiction, and romance. She currently lives in Southern California. She was a copyeditor and an award-winning freelance medical and science writer for 21 years before retiring to write fiction. A graduate of the Clarion Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers Workshop, she now serves on the Clarion Foundation Board of Directors. In 2011 she won the Speculative Literature Foundation’s Older Writers’ Grant.
Connect With The Author:
Three Winners! Author Shauna Roberts is giving away a $30 Amazon GC, and two $15 Amazon GCs on the Claimed by the Enemy Book Tour & Giveaway! Open worldwide. This giveaway will run 12/1/14 – 12/29/14. Enter through Rafflecopter.

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Psychological Thriller Spotlight & Giveaway: How the Water Falls by K.P. Kollenborn

Virtual Book Tour Dates: 12/1/14 – 12/15/14
Genres: Psychological Thriller

On the fringes of a civil war arise a kaleidoscope of stories of abuse, power, betrayal, sex, love, and absolution, all united by the failings of a dying government. Set in the backdrop during the last years of South Africa’s apartheid, How the Water Falls is a psychological thriller that unfolds the truth and deception of the system’s victims, perpetrators, and unlikely heroes.

LENA STOOD OUTSIDE of her workplace with a sign that read, “Work for First African Bank and Die of Starvation Wages.” Down the block, at a shoe store, a light-skinned man in his mid-fifties stood in front of his workplace with another sign that read, “Work for Edworks and Die of Starvation Wages.” Not far from him, a third accomplice—a young Zulu woman—stood in front of a clothing store holding a similar sign. All three lived in different townships, but Lena had managed to speak with them about staging this little protest during their lunch break. At first they were reluctant, fearing losing a job that had taken a long time to find. But none of them were paid the same wages as their white co-workers. Despite the fact that blacks were allowed to be employed in the downtown Johannesburg retail district, and had been for some years now, there were issues regarding pay and pay raises. They were earning nearly half of what their white counterparts were making, suggesting that they were worth half a human being. Lena had also contacted Robert Mlambisi from the paper to take photos. She understood it would not make the front page; nonetheless, to be mentioned at all in a newspaper would still achieve attention.
How you been, sista?” Robert asked, giving her a hug while holding his camera with his other hand.
Well, I am still ‘ere,” she smiled.
That is much of a good thing as any!” he laughed. “It’s good to see you rreturning to your old habits. Good indeed!”
Thanks for coming, Rrobbie. Dis is much apprreciated.”
For a worthy cause, anytime. Anytime! But I must confess, this will be my last assignment with The Daily Harbour,” he said. “Starrting at the end of the month, I will be working for The Sowetan.”
Oh, I see,” she nodded. “Why ‘aven’t you worrked with dem frrom de beginning?”
To prrove a point I can work for a white newspaper strrictly on my own merrits. But as luck would have it, my editor ‘as hired his quota of blacks this year, simply because they are black. Naturally that leaves me to ponder why he hirred me in the first place. So now, I’m moving on to where my talents arre acknowledged, I think.”
Gently pressing his hand for support, she said, “Good luck, Rrobbie. I’m surre you will find fulfillment dere.”
So does my wife!” he laughed again. “She ‘as thrreatened to find anotha ‘usband if I don’t stop complaining so much.” Catching his breath, he announced, “So, Lena, shall we begin?”
He stepped back to the edge of the sidewalk and started to snap shots. Several people, who were white, walked by Lena and the other two protesters, and only glanced at the signs. Robbie took the photos of the passersby glancing at the signs. Although not stopping, they were at least noticing the existence of the signs. Robert eased his way around to photograph the two others who were dressed in their fine work attire appropriate for retail sales. Twenty minutes into the silent protest, the owner of the shoe store swung the entrance of the door open. In his early forties, wearing a suit and tie, he angrily pointed at his employee.
What is the meaning of this, Dingane?” he demanded.
Rread de sign, baas,” he calmly replied, as if softly blowing a toy boat down the stream.
Glaring at Robert, he turned his pointing finger into his direction. “You there!” he cried. “Stop taking photos! You have no right to take photos in front of my place of business!”
Robert removed his press card from his jacket to show the store owner.
This is public prroperty,” Robert defended smoothly. “As a member of the prress, I ‘ave the rright to be ‘ere. You can call the police if you like, but I tell you, they cannot do anything to stop me.”
The owner blinked as if he had been slapped in the face. Then turning to his employee, he ranted, “Dingane, get back inside before I fire you! You know very well I pay you the going rate for kaffirs!”
Dingane smeared a smile, exposing two missing teeth, one on the top, the other on the bottom. “Yes, baas,” he replied evenly, sarcastically. “An’ how fery kind of you. A man wit morals may pay more. But not you, baas. Tank you for being like any utta man on dis block so my childrren can starve.”
Huffing, the owner crossed his arms. “Well, it’s not my fault you people breed like rabbits! That’s the real problem. You people don’t stop having children you cahn’t afford!”
Looking at Robert as if soliciting strength to not hit his employer, Dingane returned to stare at him. “Could you, honestly, feed a family wit 30 rrands a mont? Afta taxes?”
I write your paychecks. I know how much you make!”
Den shall I make a sign for you, too, baas? Come join us?”
Straining his jaw, he cleared his throat. “Dingane, I’m warning you. If you do not come inside now, I suggest you don’t come inside my store— ever again!”
He sighed and shrugged. “You hafe my addrress to mail my las’ check, baas.”
Exhaling, the store owner began pointing once more. “You need to leave these premises for loitering, Dingane! I can call the police on this matter and they can arrest you, and your two girlfriends, for that!” Then pointing at Lena and the other young woman, he vented, “The same applies to you both! I’ll call your bosses as well if both of you don’t remove all this nonsense!”
The owner stomped inside his store, glaring out the window as he picked up his phone.
Dingane joked, “All dis calling will only wear out dat little pointy finger of ‘is!”
Lena and Robert laughed.
Robert promptly announced, “Well, Lena, it looks like I won the bet. It took more than ten minutes before one of them brroke down!”

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About the Author:
I am fortunate to have been trained by one the top ten writing teachers in the US, the late Leonard Bishop, and author of Dare to be a Great Writer. I owe my love of writing to him.  How The Water Falls is my second novel. Although I’ve been writing since my childhood, I have a BA in history. I love studying history as much as wanting to evoke stories. I like to believe that after decades worth of introspection we have learned more wisely than something that happened yesterday, because what happened yesterday affects how we live today.  Although I’ve been writing since childhood, I have a BA in history. I love studying history as much as wanting to evoke stories. I like to believe that after decades worth of introspection we have learned more wisely than something that happened yesterday, because what happened yesterday affects how we live today. That’s why I love history: To learn. To question. To redeem our humanity. Submitting to a moment in time allows us to remember, or to muse even, over our society’s past. Although writing can educate as well as entertain, yet what makes art incredibly amazing, to that of paintings, photographs, and music, it transposes emotion into another form of humanity, and therefore, it is our humanity which keeps all of us striving for an improved future. In addition to writing, I draw, paint, create graphic design, and am an amateur photographer. 

Connect With The Author:

Enter to win one of four print and autographed copies of this book! Open to residents located in the USA. This giveaway will run Nov. 15- Dec. 15, 2014. Enter at Goodreads!

Goodreads Book Giveaway

How the Water Falls by K.P. Kollenborn

How the Water Falls

by K.P. Kollenborn

Giveaway ends December 15, 2014.
See the giveaway details at Goodreads.
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Virtual Book Tour Dates: 11/25/14 – 12/2/14

Genres: Thriller, Suspense, Action and Adventure, General Fiction

John Tempest a one-time soldier turned business man and Hollywood producer, womaniser, charlatan, who has floated through life by the seat of his pants gets a rude awakening after he meets up with an old friend from way back when. It sets up a chain of events that takes him from a relatively serene life style back to one of danger, intrigue and despair.

“Do you know anything else about this body you discovered?” I said half heartedly.
“Yes, as I said he was wearing a submariner’s World War Two German officers uniform. My friend Hans saw some type of insignia that indicated he was from quite a well known one; the notorious U47. It was sunk in 1941 in waters around Scapa Flow.”
“What do you mean waters around?”
“All right not exactly Scapa Flow but more sort of North West a bit.”
“Jonesy this is starting to sound crazy.” He laughed at that, in a way that suggested I and not he was the deluded idiot.
“Look, does it matter exactly where the sub met its fate or should I say allegedly met its fate. There could be a hundred possible reasons why this guy ended up here. The fact is we saw what we saw. Look John, this is not bullshit you know. You know me from old. I’m not the sort of man to come hammering on your door for a hand out if I needed one, but look at the facts.
Firstly how the hell does someone who has been dead for more than sixty five years, fully preserved, happen to have an address on him of a new build here in London? Secondly, how come this name corresponds to the occupier? Thirdly, what on earth was the submariner doing on dry land, on enemy territory? Lastly, we discover the body over sixty five years later and within seven hours it totally disappears, interested?”

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About the Author:
R A Macbain Left school and joined The Military where he served with various units.
He was a specialist in several areas which kept him very much in demand around the world.
Macbain left the service after 8 years to take up different challenges.
He is an accomplished Modern Jazz, Blues and Session Musician. He is also a multi instrumentalist. These were not skills acquired from service days.
For more please visit!bio/c1ktj

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Suspense Spotlight & Giveaway: Life Discarded by D.E. Haggerty

Virtual Book Tour Dates: 11/24/14 – 12/22/14
Genres: Suspense/Thriller/Mystery, Women’s Lit
Tour Promo: Unforeseen Consequences and Buried Appearances by D.E. Haggerty are free until 1/1/15.


Why would a woman who has it all throw her life away? Morgan has the perfect life. She married the man of her dreams. Daniel is smart, gorgeous and successful. Everything she has always wanted in a husband and the father of her children. But he’s also overprotective, jealous, and domineering. Is living with him enough to drive Morgan over the edge? Or does something more treacherous lurk beneath the fa├žade? 


A gorgeous, sweet woman that is oblivious to her own beauty. She’s shy with men, but a rock to her friends. A librarian in a small town in the mid-west. She’s been waiting a long-time to find the one.


An accountant in the city who will do anything to be the youngest partner in his firm. He always gets what he wants and he wants Morgan. He will pursue Morgan until she submits.


They rush through a courtship and marry within a year of meeting. Morgan’s life is perfect. She has a job she loves, a best friend for which she would do anything and a husband that completes her. But things are not often as they appear. Behind closed doors the loving Daniel that Morgan married is jealous and overprotective. Sometimes he’s even domineering.

The Culmination

Morgan runs away – destroying everything in her path as she disappears. What made this good girl go bad?


Morgan was still obsessed with Daniel’s locked office door the next day at the library. Instead of getting busy with her overload of work, she stared at her computer, trying to work, but not accomplishing anything as the words on her computer blurred together.

Did you hear?” Dawn shouted as she breezed into Morgan’s office. Morgan startled at the sound of Dawn’s voice and shook her head to force the fog from her head.

Jeez, Dawn, you scared me.” Morgan held her hand over her beating-out-of-control heart.

Dawn came over to Morgan’s desk, shaking a newspaper in her hand. “Did you see this?”

Morgan had no idea what in the newspaper could be getting Dawn so excited. “What are you talking about you?” She asked on a sigh.

Dawn opened the newspaper and laid it over the mess on Morgan’s desk. “Look,” she said pointing to a column in the crime section. Morgan waved her hand over the newspaper, caught up in her own drama and uninterested in a stranger’s drama. “Just tell me.”

There’s been another rape,” Dawn was nearly shouting.

Another rape? What are you talking about?”

Dawn sighed and crossed her arms. “Don’t you remember? There was a rape at that fancy hotel in Milwaukee a while back. And now there’s been another one!”

That’s horrible.” Morgan sank into her chair. Dawn sat down across from her. She picked up the newspaper again. “It was at another hotel in downtown Milwaukee, but they’re withholding the location as they don’t want to scare anyone.” She continued to scan the story. “They’re calling it date rape. Don’t you hate that? Rape is rape. No is no.”

Morgan nodded. Based on personal experience, she could vehemently agree. Dawn went back to reciting the facts from the article. “It says the woman was picked up in some bar and then they went back to her hotel room. The victim, whose identity is protected, claims she tried to fight off the assailant, but at 5’4” the victim didn’t have much chance. The victim’s long hair was ripped from her head in places and her glasses were destroyed in the struggle.

Morgan shuddered. “Dawn, that’s enough. We need to get to work.” She pulled herself together and shooed Dawn out of her office. She locked her office door behind Dawn and sank to the floor. Taking deep breaths, she tried to fight the guilt clawing at her. In desperate need of reassurance from a loved one, she stood and went to her bag for her phone. Daniel had left that morning for some conference. Although she was desperate to call him, she didn’t want to anger him by disturbing him and settled for texting – hoping he would respond.

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About the Author:
D.E. Haggerty was born and raised in Wisconsin but thinks she’s a European. After spending her senior year of high school in Germany, she developed a bad case of wanderlust that is yet to be cured. After high school she returned to the U.S. to go to college ending up with a Bachelor’s degree in History at the tender age of 20 while still managing to spend time bouncing back and forth to Europe during her vacations. Unable to find a job after college and still suffering from wanderlust, she joined the U.S. Army as a Military Policewoman for 5 years. While stationed in Heidelberg, Germany, she met her future husband, a flying Dutchman. After being given her freedom from the Army, she went off to law school. She finished law school and moved to the Netherlands with her husband and became a commercial lawyer for more than a decade. During a six month break from the lawyering world, she wrote her first book, Unforeseen Consequences. Although she finished the book, she went back to the law until she could no longer take it and upped stakes and moved to Germany to start a B&B. Three years after starting the B&B, she got the itch and decided to pull the manuscript for Unforeseen Consequences out of the attic and get it published as an e-book. Deciding that she may have indeed finally found what she wanted to do with her life, she went on to write Buried Appearances. After moving to Istanbul, she started on Life Discarded, her third book. Between tennis, running, traveling, singing off tune and reading books like they are going out of style, she writes articles for a local expat magazine and various websites, reviews other indie authors’ books, writes a blog about whatever comes to mind and is working on her fourth book.
Connect With The Author:
Enter to win a $25 Amazon gift card on the Life Discarded by D.E. Haggerty Book Tour and Giveaway! Open worldwide, this giveaway will run 11/24/14 – 12/22/14. Enter through Rafflecopter.

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Romance Spotlight, Guest Post, & Giveaway on the Forever Beth (The Truth Of It All) by Elizabeth Cook-Howard Tour

Virtual Book Tour Dates: 11/24/14 – 12/1/14
Genres: Romance
Tour Promo Price: All of the author’s books will be offered at $.99! Get it for free with Kindle Unlimited!

The dignity of a woman is not defined by the clothes on her back, money she may or may not have or the success of her man. Dignity is defined by the challenges faced and conquered, nobility of character and worthiness.  For Beth Walker who has endured a lifetime of tumultuous storms once again finds herself at a crossroad. When she thought her life was at the peak of all happiness (blessed with a healthy child, married to a man who loved and adored her and more importantly to be alive to experience it all) memories of her past continue to haunt her daily living and intensifies her need to understand her past to have a future
The Truth of It All, book three and final installment in the Forever Beth Series finally exposes who is really behind Beth’s abduction and attempted murder, the murders of Rosie and Rosa Morales and who is ultimately responsible for the tragedies Beth has endured. But most importantly the question readers have had since Lost and found (1st installment in the Forever Beth Series) regarding Kevin’s instant eagerness to protect and watch over Beth from that first encounter at the Morales’s murder scene is finally reveled.
The conclusion to a three part romance – mystery filled page turner that keeps you guessing to the very end. Forever a Beth The Truth Of it All.
I stare at the television hoping to see anything other than another update on my health or the news of the century, Detective Kevin Walker with the NYPD slumming as a detective when all along a multimillionaire himself and sole heir to his grandfather’s billion dollar empire.  One reporter questioning the police department’s background checks and confirming that higher ups knew who he was.
Cynthia and Kevin over the past few weeks done well keeping the TV channel on everything but the news and newspapers, not one seen in anyone’s possession while visiting with me. It wasn’t until yesterday that I was able to change the channel on the TV, changing to the local news. The only time really I was awake and Kevin getting some much needed sleep. I turn to look at my husband now sleep in a very uncomfortable chair. His long legs stretched across, one hand holding up his head the other lingering into the bassinet, touching our pride and joy’s hand as they each sleep. I smile instantly. I hope his nap last longer than the usual twenty minutes.

Already four in the morning and I find myself restless and bored. I begin watching PBS – How to Paint. Not really paying attention I turn and re focus on my husband and our sweet bundle of joy. I fight tears battling to come forth. It’s been several weeks since that day, many weeks here in this hospital. But in a few hours we are heading finally home. Back to comfort back to the one place I feel the safest. Although not one word spoken by anyone regarding that day, the pain and tears tell it all. JD breaking down each time I recall him sitting with me. I remember him saying “I’m not a praying man but I thank the heavens for your survival and for blessing me with my first great grandchild”. Until a few days ago too weak to speak all I could do was smile at JD and lightly squeeze his hand.
My loving sister aged a bit through all this – because of all this. Yesterday pointing out the grey hairs I caused. It felt good to laugh with her again. But the pain, I see it. Everyone being brave, not saying a word. Adele and John too by my side. Worried for me yes but my heartaches knowing their tears were and are more so for their grandson. I heard it in Adele’s voice shortly after. Sitting with me, whispering in my ear, “My grandson loves you with all he has to give. Baby you can’t leave him, he only just begun to live”. So much pain I’ve caused and the one person I seemed to hurt the most is the man whose made me the happiest I’ve ever been.
Interrupting my pity party, Nurse Cathy enters. I immediately put my finger over my lips and point to Kevin. With a smile and nod she understands.
In a whisper He finally sleeps!
Smiling, yes hopefully he will get somewhat of a decent rest.
How are you feeling?
Great. No offense but I can’t wait for my discharge later today.
No offense taken, you’ve been here almost five weeks now. But leaving here doesn’t mean you’re done healing, you will have several restrictions to adhere to.
Before I can respond, I hear Kevin’s voice. Stretching both his arms and legs Oh she will adhere to each and every rule I assure you.
Nurse Cathy smiles at me
Kevin I didn’t mean to wake you.
You didn’t. And why are you up?
Couldn’t sleep.
Mrs. Walker would you like something to help you sleep?
No.. No I’m fine. Plus a rare opportunity to see my husband sleep.
Presenting a bit embarrassed I’m going to leave you two. I’m right outside if you need anything.
Thank you Kevin responds as he stands, stretches again and lays next to me. Pulling me closer into him we lay in each other’s embrace. Kissing the top of my head while caressing my arm I missed this…I missed having you in my arms.  
I know the feeling Mr. Walker but knowing you were and are with me is enough to get me by until we get home. Lifting myself up to look Kevin directly in his eyes Which by the way, I need you to promise me when we get home no fuss and you will rest.
Smiling Me rest? You need to promise me you will take an easy…. Bed rest only, nothing more.
We will see. But right now resuming my position but snuggling closer, it feels good to be in your arms. I’m going to take advantage of this before our beautiful bundle of joy wakes.
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About the Author:
Elizabeth Cook-Howard is a fulltime professional in the social services field, wife and mother to four beautiful children. Born and raised in Queens New York, moved and settled in the Lower Hudson Valley Region of New York to raise her family. Creating and writing mystery – budding romance stories since her early teens, it wasn’t until entering her forties that she decided to pen and self-publish her work, hence the Forever Beth Series  - “Lost and Found”, “Our Love” and more recent “The Truth of it All”.
Connect With The Author:
Enter to win one of two $10 Amazon gift cards on the Forever Beth (The Truth Of It All) by Elizabeth Cook-Howard Tour and Giveaway! Open WW, this giveaway will run 11/24/14 – 12/1/14. Enter through Rafflecopter.

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Guest Post by Elizabeth Cook-Howard:
Reflecting on my writing journey (where I'm at so far, where I've been and envisioning where I am going) I tend to focus my thoughts to only two years ago, when I began writing the Forever Beth Series. But by doing so I'm cheating myself and not honoring the many stories written but never seen by others.
I remember in Junior High sitting in English class and the theme for our midterm essay was to write a story about a tomato. First I thought "a tomato really"? But I did it, I wrote whatever - didn't care, anything to just complete the assignment. That was on a Friday. Monday morning sitting in class I was handed back my paper with a questionnaire about my High School choice and a letter of recommendation for entrance into a Creative Writing honors class.
Many many many (I can add a few more many) years from that day my writing consisted of report writing, progress notes - all work related. I still doodled now and then – writing short stories and certainly played out stories in my head. But my push to write and self-publish was my oldest son leaving for college. Although I had the waterfalls going, I pushed those emotions into motivation to write and by doing so I must say I amazed myself. Through my writing to date I've conquered so many fears such as judgment from others, rejection and more importantly acceptance.
Very much so a newbie - novice in this crazy wonderful writing world, I look forward to any and all opportunities to share my stories with anyone interested. My writing journey continues…..


Fantasy Spotlight & Giveaway: Snow Wars by N.S. Grimm $.99

Virtual Book Tour Dates: 10/28/14 – 11/25/14
Genres: Fantasy, Romantic Fantasy, Gay & Lesbian Fantasy, Young Adult (18 + over).
General Note: there are graphic battle scenes, soft sexual content, drinking, and some gay and lesbian characters (in books 2&3) in this series.
Tour Promotional Price: $.99

~~In a world covered by snow, where deadly predators are everywhere, resources scarce, and love even more elusive, two young women hold the key to the mysterious death and destruction surrounding their cave dwelling people. One side wants to keep these women alive and the other side wants to see them dead, but how can these young women tell the difference between the two sides? And what is the dark secret in their past that holds the key to the threats of today?
The sole survivor of a bloody genocide attempt, Iana runs for her life, but is there anywhere safe to run? Daniel swore to his dying brother that he would protect the small woman and her sister, but how can he help a girl who continually puts her life in danger? As Daniel binds Iana closer to himself, and his own dark secret life, Iana finds herself drawn to him in more than one way.

“Hang on, Nathanial. I’m coming to get you,” Iana said.
The Raven Dog above her seemed reinvigorated at this new movement from its trapped prey. The mad dog danced on the edge above her with snapping jaws and bloody teeth. Every move the creature made sent rock and dirt cascading over Iana’s head. Her grip was already precarious and weak on the rocky cliff she was scaling. Any amount of falling debris was dangerous and could dislodge her handholds, causing her to fall.
“Iana, what are you doing? Don’t do it; stay where you are.”
“Still trying to tell me what to do Nathanial?” Iana tossed back to him, trying to keep both their spirits up. “Haven’t you learned yet?”
“Don’t risk this, Iana. I’m not worth it.”
“Yes you are!” she countered and continued to creep slowly over toward him. Her hands were shaking so hard she was scared they would shake off the rocky ledge. Maybe she should have taken off her gloves, but then she would just have the cold to deal with.
“Iana, go back. It’s too dangerous. There is snow all over that cliff; you will slip and fall.”
Iana looked over to the bush where the wind was blowing against him. He was very pale in the dusty pink light of the setting sun. He was too white Iana thought.
“Keep talking to me, Nathanial, okay?” she yelled at him.
A frigid gust of wind blew up, tossing Iana’s hair wildly. The snow swirled about, blinding her temporarily. Iana clung closer to the rough cliff wall with her eyes squeezed tight, waiting till it died down. Her lips were quivering now, but she didn’t know if it was from the cold or fear. What had made her think she could climb across to him like this?
“Hey, Easterner,” Nathanial called to her, “never seen a mouse so bad at climbing before; maybe you should have stayed behind?” he teased.
Iana opened her eyes and shot him a look that could kill. Rising to the challenge, she said, “Don’t worry, mice are very good at improvising when it comes to survival.”
Iana was frozen with fear. She could feel the tears of anger and despair start to well up in her eyes and she fought hard to push them away. She hadn’t been climbing long when Nathanial decided to continue his harassment.
“You really aren’t very good at that you know,” he said.
Iana screamed back in mock frustration, “Training for rock climbing isn’t till the next lunar!”
Nathanial kept the banter up in a lighthearted voice, but when Iana looked his way she could see his eyes were closed against the cold and he was shaking as he tried to hang on.
“I’m just saying…that you might want to work on that when we get back if you want to be a Rambler,” he continued teasing her in a trembling voice.
“I’m beginning to rethink that occupational choice at the moment,” Iana confessed, only half joking.
Nathanial laughed into the wind this time. “Aha! I knew you didn’t really want to make this run today,” he joked.
“Haven’t you bled to death yet?” Iana countered, and Nathanial laughed out loud again.
It was good to hear him laugh. Nathanial was quiet for a long moment. When he spoke next, it was in a low and serious voice. “You know I didn’t mean all that mean stuff I said to you back there at the start ribbon.”
“I know,” Iana said, forgiving him.
She paused a moment and leaned her head against the rock wall to catch her breath. It was then that Iana noticed the absence of the Raven dog from overhead. She held her breath and waited for it to return. Shadows passed over and Iana sniffed hard against her runny nose. The longer she waited, the more her nerves set on edge. Suddenly a head appeared over the edge—a human head. It was Daniel reaching his hand down to her.

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NS Grimm is a new and upcoming American writer with self-published works in multiple genres. Works always focus on strong female characters with a passion for life and love. Her international experience finds its way into all her books in one way or another. Raised in Texas, GRIMM is the last child of three. Hobbies include: kayaking, hiking, rock climbing, gardening, house flipping, sewing, singing, ballet, scuba and visiting museums of any type.

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Monday, November 17, 2014

No Ifs, Ands, or Bears About It (Paranormal Shapeshifter BBW Romance) (Grayslake Book 1) by Celia Kyle

The first day of Mia’s new life in Grayslake, Georgia is not going as planned. The house her grandfather left her looks ready to crumble, boxes cover every inch of the floor and—oh—there’s a bear cub in her pantry. It gets worse when the cub’s uncle comes by and busts out his fur and claws while on her front porch. Then it gets loads better because suddenly there’s a hot hunk of badge-wearing werebear on her lawn ready to rescue her. Yum. Of course, he has to ruin things by trying to take the cub out of her hands. Ha! The cub is hers… No ifs, ands, or bears about it.

Werebear Ty can’t seem to get the curvaceous, delectable Mia to understand that, even if she is one-quarter werebear, she isn’t keeping the cub. Ty is the Grayslake Itan, the clan’s leader, and the little werebear is going home with him… Unless it isn’t. It’s her smile. If she’d stop smiling and being gorgeous, his inner-bear would support him and Ty would get his way. But the beast wants to make their woman happy, so it’s perfectly content to let her do as she pleases. Then things change. Threats arise, danger comes close, and Ty demands she return to his den. No ifs, ands, or mates about that.

The GRAYSLAKE series:
1. No Ifs, Ands, or Bears About It
2. All Roar and No Bite
3. Roaring Up the Wrong Tree
4. Love at First Roar


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Ex-dance teacher, former accountant and erstwhile collectible doll salesperson, Celia Kyle now writes paranormal romances for readers who:

1) Like super hunky heroes (they generally get furry)

2) Dig beautiful women (who have a few more curves than the average lady)

3) Love laughing in (and out of) bed.

It goes without saying that there's always a happily-ever-after for her characters, even if there are a few road bumps along the way.

Today she lives in central Florida and writes full-time with the support of her loving husband and two finicky cats.

You can find Celia online at: | |